Guided Meditation "Two" with Daphne Whitehouse

This guided audio meditation with Daphne Whitehouse takes you on a journey and enables you to ask your higher self and guides for answers and realisations. This is great if you are worried about a decision, feel lost or need to reconnect to your inner wisdom.

This guided mediation features deliberate silences to enable you to visualise and process. Daphne will come back into the audio and you will be guided to wake up and open your eyes at the end of this meditation.

Message from Claire Anstey: Daphne was one of my very first teachers. When I originally tested The Wisdom Gym in 2011 Daphne taught some live webinar classes for me. When I found them I wanted you to also have the opportunity to study with Daphne as she makes Meditation and connecting to your higher mind and source so easy to understand. Daphne had a profound effect on my life when I was in deep pain after a break up. I adore her teaching and I know that you will too.

Please note that the sound quality of this recording is not perfect and you will need to have it on high volume.

Please click here to play this guided audio meditation