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I didn’t realise the importance of life and the importance of everyone in it until I lost someone though suicide.

Knowing that great people feel that they are insignificant and that many become more frightened of life itself than the option of death changed me, it changed who I was and where I was heading.

I am now fully committed to showing men and women that they are important, that feeling negative is ok, and that life can be good.”

Many years ago I was playing the fame game looking for admiration and love outside myself, I was massively empty and filling the hole with partying, boozing, food and attention seeking. The tragedy of losing a great man woke me up to the fact that although I was still breathing most of me was already dead. I had no idea who I truly was anymore.

I now use my own experience, story and new knowledge to inspire others and show them how to fall not only in love with life again but to fall in love with themselves for the very first time.

Over the last 12 years I have retrained and been on my own personal transformation. I am now a Science of Mind Practitioner, Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist & Broadcaster in Mental Health. If you haven’t already heard me via our podcast below is me in action, on stage doing what I do best, sharing my knowledge, inspiring and empowering others.


In a world where we are being told constantly to “Live Our Best Life”, “Get Rich” and have “Total Life Mastery” I wanted to create something that just helped us cope. We go to the gym to keep our bodies fit so I created The Wisdom Gym to keep our mental health in tip top condition. A digital space where we can learn how to understand ourselves more. A club that offers a weekly timetable of classes, therapy and coaching that can help us find the peace and contentment we are seeking. Come to the Wisdom Gym 3 times a week (or more) to learn about your brain, thoughts, behaviour and spirituality. My main aim each week is to support our members in learning new habits as they maintain a positive state of mental health. Life is full of ups and downs, The Wisdom Gym teaches you how to cope, how to remove negative behaviours, and most importantly, how to stay true to yourself as you navigate your way through this thing called life.

Claire Anstey is your main teacher in The Wisdom Gym. You’ll learn directly from her on how to stop self-sabotage and rewire your mind for happiness & contentment in all areas of life.