Compassion & Kindness

The following resources have been compiled to assist you with your education, wisdom & growth.

New resources will be added to the top of each section.


Widening the Circles of Compassion video by Tara Brach [3 min]

Compassionate Ethics in Difficult Times video by the Dalai Lama [11 min]

Compassion and Mindfulness video by Jon Kabat-Zinn [5 min]

The Three Components of Self-Compassion - Kristin Neff [6 min]

Universal Compassion video by Sylvia Boorstein and Sharon Salzberg [10 min]

Unconditional Love video by Tara Brach [29 min]

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff [21 min]

The Evolutionary Roots of Compassion - Dacher Keltner [4 min]

Listening as an Act of Love - Jon Kabat-Zinn [7 min]

Cultivating Altruism - Matthieu Ricard [18 min]

How Mindfulness Cultivates Compassion - Shauna Shapiro [13 min]

Overcoming Objections to Self-Compassion - Kristin Neff [12 min]

The RAIN of Self-Compassion by Tara Brach [23 min]


   Survival of the Kindest - Paul Ekman

   Does Mindfulness Make You More Compassionate? - Shauna Shapiro

   Self-Compassion - Emma Seppala

   The Five Myths of Self-Compassion - Kristin Neff

   Loving kindness - should we extend it to the jerks of our world? by A. Olendzki

Reading List (Recommended Books)

  The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion by Christopher Germer