The following resources have been compiled to assist you with your education, wisdom & growth.

New resources will be added to the top of each section.


   Thoughts: "Real, but not True" video by Tara Brach (26 min)

       Surrender to the Monkeys video by Tara Brach (4 min)

 Transform Your Mind, Change Your Brain video by Richard Davidson [65 min]

       Mindfulness, the Mind, and Addictive Behavior video by Judson Brewer [20 min]

Freedom from Repetitive Thoughts article by Jack Kornfield

  What Would It Take for You to Be Still? - article by Catherine Price

An Apple as Past, Present and Future video by Susan Kaiser Greenland [2 min]

Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness video by Rachel Green [15 min] 

The Monkey Business Illusion - Daniel Simons [2 min]

The Power of Mindfulness - Shauna Shapiro [13 min]

Don't Try to be Mindful - Daron Larson [12 min] 

Befriending Our Bodies - Jon Kabat-Zinn [4 min]

Raisin Meditation - Dave Potter [12 min]

Mindful Meditation and the Brain - Shauna Shapiro [6 min]

Measuring Mindfulness - Judson Brewer [7 min]

Life is Right Now - Jon Kabat-Zinn [7 min]

Coming to Our Senses - Jon Kabat-Zinn [9 min]

All it takes is 10 Mindful Minutes - Andy Puddicombe [10 min]

Positive Emotions and Mindfulness video by Rachel Green [10 min]


I Hadn't Thought of That - Wes Nisker

Mastering Your Own Mind article by Katherine Ellison

 Your Mind: Friend or Foe? - Jack Kornfield

  The Reality Below Thoughts - Jack Kornfield

Reading List (Recommended Books)

   Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change book by Susan David