Morning Ritual


We love our morning rituals. In just 5-10 minutes you can get your mind and emotions balanced AND set yourself up for your day.

We have created a task list for you to follow and we also have morning rituals in the timetable everyday. Morning ritual activities are often slightly different here as we modify them for the weekly theme or change them up to keep everything fresh.

The Morning Ritual Task List

Mini Workouts or Classes

1: Morning Meditation or Breathwork

Choose one from our recommended list. A great way to get your mind and emotions ready for the day ahead.

2: Visualise & Mentally Rehearse Day

Take just 2 -5 minutes to visualise your day ahead. Take a moment from your bed, sofa or a chair, close your eyes and see your day play out perfectly in your head. Feel the emotions in your body, the environment on your skin, a huge smile on your face. Mentally rehearsing your day with the best possible outcomes. See how you handle yourself and deal with all the situations that are thrown at you. Our minds do not know what is real or not real so my mentally rehearsing your day and feeling the emotions are are enabling yourself to be totally prepared and you are connecting with your ability to construct your own reality.


In your journal or in the notes on your phone take a moment to write out and answer the following questions.

1: Gratitude: I am feeling thankful for.....

Write down at least 10 things that you are thankful for in your lift.

2: Act of Kindness: Today I will .......

How can you do a kind act for the world and the people around you. Will you text someone to see how they are, smile at 10 people, help a neighbour with their shopping. Decide on at least one act that enables you to be kind to people you may or may not know today.

3: Community: Today I will connect by ......

As humans we need connection. It has been proven that our mental health massively improves when we are involved in community. This can be your circle of friends, family or your neighbours. So how can you be more connected today. A phone call, a coffee or time volunteering from charity? The choose is yours.

4: Joy/Happiness: Today I will laugh / have fun when.......

It so easy to get caught up in work, life and our worries. Make some time today to have at least 30 minutes of fun. See or call a friend that makes you laugh. Watch something that makes you laugh out loud hard (you have to laugh out loud it cant be any tv show on Netflix) Go run in the park, play on the swings, its time to ignite the fun and playful part of you once more.


Suggested Morning Ritual Meditations, Visualisations & Breathwork Sessions