7 Day Course

With Claire Anstey

What members are saying…

“It’s amazing how different you can feel in such a short amount of time. This course enabled me to release all the horrible thoughts I have about myself. After just three days I like myself so much more and feel so much better about myself and my life.”


Step One: Do the below Mirror Work exercise twice a day for 7 days. Once as soon as you wake up, and once just before you go to bed. The bathroom is the perfect place for this exercise, do it before or after you brush your teeth and use the bathroom mirror to face yourself and look deep into your eyes.

Step Two: Listen to the “Self Esteem Strengthener” Hypnotherapy session every night before you go to bed.

Follow both these steps for 7 days to feel deep changes in your subconscious, emotions and outlook.

Simply click the pictures to be taken to each “workout”