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Leaves on Stream Meditation - 5.5 Mins

Leaves on Stream Meditation - ( 5 Minutes 28 Seconds )

Voiced by Claire Anstey this “Leaves on the Stream” meditation enables you to practice letting go of your thoughts and focusing just on your breath. This guided meditation enables you to clear your mind, relax and understand how we can separate ourself from our thoughts.

This meditation has two versions. Today we will be doing version One. To help us learn how to distance ourselves from our thoughts this meditation is on the timetable as our AM meditation for 7 consecutive days.

Version One: Original Version

This version guides you though visualisation to let go of any thoughts that pop into your head and let them go down a leave on the stream. This visualisation practice in meditation enables you practice letting go of your thoughts, a practice that you can then take into your real daily life. This helps with negative thoughts and negative self talk.

Length: 5 minutes 28 seconds