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Evening Ritual - 10 mins

Evening Ritual - Gratitude Round Up - 10 minutes

We love our evening rituals. In just 5-10 minutes you can review your day and realise how much you achieve and how awesome you actually are. Life is aways going to have its ups and downs but as we grow the way we react changes and this exercise really enables you to see these changes .

This months timetable is all about setting up the habit of our morning and evening rituals. Just by focusing our intentions, having gratitude and reviewing our daily actions we can see where we have growth and what we need to work on.

For your February evening ritual we have created a task list for you to follow below. We have evening rituals in the timetable everyday. We modify morning & evening ritual activities for the monthly theme and update them up to keep everything fresh and exciting for you so please keep checking the time table.

Februarys Evening Ritual Task List

Mini Workouts or Classes

1: Evening Meditation / Hypnosis / Meditation

Choose one from our recommended list here. Evenings give us time to take time to learn via one of our classes, relax with a meditation or rewire your subconscious patterns with one of our hypnosis sessions.


AM Goal Review:

In your journal or in the notes on your phone take a moment to write out and answer the following questions.

1: AM Goal Review:

Today I achieved the following goals I set this AM:
1: Act of Kindness
2: Community
3: Joy / Happiness

2: How does the above (positive or negative) make you feel?
What did you achieve? How did that make your feel? What didn’t you achieve? Does it actually matter to you? What could you have done differently?

3: Self Love: Today I am proud of myself because....

4: Gratitude: Reviewing today I feel thankful for......

5: Thoughts for tomorrow: Write down everything you feel about your day. Any positive or negative emotions, thoughts or experiences. Write until you naturally come to a stop.

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